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How to use a design ruler

How to use a design ruler

Tutorial by Camilla

Step-by-Step Tutorial

You will need the following materials:

  • Design Ruler 576
  • pigment liner 308
  • triplus fineliner 334

Step 1

Pick 8 colours that go well together in your opinion. Use the middle size pattern and the biggest circle.

Step 2

Start with the lightest colour and do 7 rounds with the circle. Pick a new colour and do 6 rounds.

Step 3

Continue in this pattern 7 rounds - 6 rounds -7 rounds - 6 rounds etc. until you meet the colour you started with.

Step 4

The end result will be something like this. This needs a little practice - take your time and try different colours and combinations.

The most important thing: Have fun!

Step 5

Now you can draw more and more patterns and combine them: You can create greeting cards or visual statements or actual artworks!

Looking for more inspiration?